Over the years, I've worked with every kind of student you could imagine -- ages 5 to 65, pure beginners and conservatory hopefuls alike, shy and dutiful toddlers as well as brash and confident teens. Every student is unique, and I take a flexible approach to find the best ways to meet the needs and challenges of each student.

I focus on rhythm, fundamentals, and developing a sound technique that minimizes risk of injury. From the very beginning, I incorporate the idea of "interpretation" -- how to use the notes on the page to tell a story that an audience can understand and relate to.

I am currently in my third year teaching at the extraordinary Myriad Music School in San Mateo, California, near San Francisco -- there's no better place to learn and enjoy music in a welcoming, comfortable environment.

Although I do also teach privately, my schedule is full at the moment. If any teaching slots open up I will list them here!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.